My rocket is skint? (2023)

What does Elton John say at the end of the Uber commercial?

“Thank you,” says Nas. They go back and forth before Elton finally says, “You're welcome.”

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Who is the guy with Elton John in Uber Eats commercial?

"It's been absolutely wonderful partnering with Lil Nas X, one of the most influential voices in pop culture, and with Uber Eats, my faithful favorite for everything delicious," John said in a statement.

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Why did uber eat Elton John?

Because both performers love putting on a show, they took the campaign as an opportunity to switch some of their most famous looks while talking about their favorite foods to order for delivery.

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What does Elton John say about his rocket in the Uber Eats commercial?

"My rocket is skint."

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Are Eminem and Elton John friends?

Eminem is a controversial rapper, who's known for having run-ins with everyone in music from Mariah Carey to Machine Gun Kelly. But the star is also known for his unlikely friendship with Elton John, with their relationship spanning almost two decades.

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Did Taron Egerton sing his own songs in Rocketman?

Of course he does! Taron Egerton previously showed off his singing chops in the animated children's film Sing, in which he plays Johnny the gorilla and sing's Elton John's I'm Still Standing.

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Did they use Elton John's voice in Rocketman?

A Sneak Preview of Men in Kilts

When another movie about a musician's life came out—namely, that of Elton John in Rocketman—viewers wondered if the actor who played Elton would take a similar approach. But that was not the case: for Rocketman, Taron Egerton re-recorded all of the hits himself.

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What is Elton John's net worth?

Elton John, a British singer holds British nationality and according to news, Elton John's Net Worth as of 2023 is around $550 Million. This popular personality from England has earned a decent amount of money from his profession.

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Who is the weird guy in the Uber Eats commercial?

His name is Zach Cherry, and he has appeared in a number of small roles in titles like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Duncanville, and I Feel Bad. What is this? However, Cherry does have a lead role in the Apple TV+ series Severance, where he fills the role of Dylan George.

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Who is the black guy in the Uber Eats commercial?

Uber Eats TV Spot, 'Reasons' Ft. Tracy Morgan, Zach Cherry, Sarah Silverman -

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Who is the black guy in the Uber Eats ad with Elton John?

The rapper Lil Nas X appears in the uber eats commercials with Elton John.

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What is the point of the Uber Eats commercial?

The ad is Uber Eats way to get across the message that you can order household items and other sundries from its delivery service, not just food. And It is perhaps Coolidge who best summarizes the actors' confusion on the updated delivery options for the app: "Wait..if it was delivered with Uber Eats..

My rocket is skint? (2023)
What does the Uber Eats commercial mean?

According to Georgie Jeffreys, director of marketing for Uber Eats, who spoke to Variety, the ads are meant to market the fact that the company has “gone from delivering restaurant food to retail, alcohol, convenience goods - all kinds of commerce”.


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