Oldest soccer player to play in world cup? (2023)

What is the age limit to play in the World Cup?

There is no max or minimum age limit, but anyone over 35 years old is a dinosaur in football, most teams who won the World cup had an average age of 27.

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Who is the oldest active soccer player World Cup 2022?

Mexican goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera, at 40 years and 63 days, is the oldest player in Qatar 2022. The Mexican, if he plays, will become just the eighth player to play in the men's World Cup in his 40s after Dino Zoff, Peter Shilton, Ali Boumnijel, Pat Jennings, Roger Milla, Faryd Mondragon and Essam El Hadary.

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How old is the oldest player in the Qatar World Cup?

Veteran goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima, who will turn 40 in March 2023, has been named in Japan's squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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Can a 41 year old play in the World Cup?

Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland) - 41 years

It was Northern Ireland goalkeeper Pat Jennings's 41st birthday when he took the field against mighty Brazil in the group stage match of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

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Can you play World Cup after 40?

Essam El-Hadary from Egypt set the record during the 2018 World Cup as the oldest player to play in the World Cup at age 45 years and 161 days. He is a goalkeeper. That being said, most teams at the World Cup don't even have a single player in their 40s.

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Who is the oldest player still playing?

At age 45, it's well-known Tom Brady is the oldest NFL player for the 2022 season, and his Buccaneers have the oldest average roster by age in the league.

Which soccer player is 40 years old?

Francesco Totti; 40 years 7 months

''The King of Rome'', the legendary Italian player spent his entire career at AS Roma. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all-time, and the greatest ever Roma player.

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Are kids allowed in FIFA World Cup 2022?

Children under 12 will not be charged. The Hayya Card is mandatory for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ fans. It provides access to stadiums with a valid match ticket, entry to the FIFA Fan Festival™ and free public transport.

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Who is the youngest player to play in a World Cup?

As of November 2022, Northern Ireland's Norman Whiteside was the youngest player to ever play in a World Cup, aged 17 years and 40 days when he played against Yugoslavia in 1982. The youngest player at the 2022 World Cup, Germany's Youssoufa Moukoko, turned 18 on the day the tournament kicked off.

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Can a 20 year old play Under 19 World Cup?

It depends on the respective boards. The board will define a deadline, by which the player should not turned 19 years of age. It is possible for a 19 year old player to play for under-19 team.

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